November 30, 2015

The SBNC Administrative Committee announces the slate of 2016 candidates for the School Board Nominating Committee (SBNC). 
We are seeking the election of 2 candidates in each district. The candidates in each of the five elementary school districts are:
1. Edgewood – Michael Chayes, Jordan Copeland
2. Fox Meadow – Miriam Beveridge, Sang Han, Eric Liverance
3. Greenacres – Sharon Higgins, Tanya Singer
4. Heathcote – So Hyun Choe, Manos Makrakis, Melissa Pecullan
5. Quaker Ridge – Jonathan Drescher, Eric Premisler
The SBNC election will be held on Tuesday, January 12, 2016. Residents may vote in person in the Auditorium Lobby at the Scarsdale Middle School on that date from 7:00 to 10:00 AM and from 2:00 to 9:00 PM, or by mail-in ballot received by 4:00 PM on Election Day.  In the event of a snow day, the election will be held on Wednesday, January 13, 2016.

Brochures containing biographical information on each candidate and instructions for completing and returning mail-in ballots will be mailed to Scarsdale school district residents.  The mail-in ballot and instructions for completing and returning mail-in ballots are also available on the website. Contributions to support the cost of printing and mailing the election brochure are gratefully appreciated; please visit

May 19, 2015

SBNC Nominees Elected to School Board

SBNC nominees to the nonpartisan slate for election to the Scarsdale Board of Education (BoE), Pamela Fuehrer and Arthur Rublin, were elected as members of the BoE for three years, their terms beginning on July 1, 2015, and expiring on June 30, 2018.

March 16, 2015

SBNC Nominates Two Candidates to School Board

The 2015 School Board Nominating Committee (SBNC) has nominated Arthur Rublin and Pamela Fuehrer to the nonpartisan slate for election to the Scarsdale Board of Education. If elected during the general school budget vote and school board election on Tuesday, May 19, 2015, these two nominees will fill the seats held by current board president Mary Beth Gose and trustee Lewis Leone, Jr., who are both completing their second and final terms. New trustees assume their roles effective July 1.

The SBNC is a committee comprised of 30 voting members and 4 non-voting members, all of whom are residents of the Scarsdale School District. The thirty voting members serve staggered 3-year terms and are elected directly by the residents of their election units, which correspond to the five elementary school neighborhoods. The 4 non-voting members consist of a Chair and Vice Chair who are selected from the previous year’s graduating voting members, and one appointee each from the Town and Village Civic Club (TVCC) and the Confederation of Scarsdale Neighborhood Association Presidents (SNAP). Collectively, the SBNC undertakes the process of recruiting and vetting prospective candidates to serve as trustees on the Board of Education.

Over the course of six meetings between January and March, this year’s SBNC interviewed and conducted due diligence on all applicants. Through thoughtful discussion and careful consideration, and pursuant to the SBNC Resolution, the SBNC then judges and selects individuals “solely on their qualifications to serve the community.” This engaging practice has resulted in the nomination of two outstanding citizens, Arthur Rublin and Pamela Fuehrer.

The SBNC congratulates the nominees and thanks all applicants who went through the process. The SBNC Chair Diane Baylor and SBNC Vice Chair Dana Matsushita also wish to extend heartfelt appreciation to to all the members of the 2015 SBNC who served with dedication and professionalism in furtherance of our nonpartisan system.

For more information on the SBNC, including the governing Resolution, information on the nonpartisan system, and a list of the current SBNC members, please visit the SBNC website at or contact the SBNC Chair.

January 27, 2015

Are you interested in becoming a School Board member?

The Scarsdale School Board Nominating Committee is seeking candidates for nomination to the Scarsdale Board of Education.  In the coming months, the SBNC will nominate two candidates to the board. Mary Beth Gose has served two terms and is not eligible for renomination. Lewis Leone, Jr. has completed two terms and is not eligible for renomination.  The SBNC invites all residents to propose candidates for the Board of Education. A candidate must be at least 18 years old, a U.S. citizen, a qualified voter, and a resident of the Scarsdale school district for at least one year prior to the May 19, 2015 school board election date.  Candidates should complete a biographical information form and submit it via email to the SBNC Chair, Diane Baylor, at as soon as possible, but no later than 5:00 PM on Tuesday, February 24, 2015. Please also visit the ‘Join the School Board’ tab for additional information.

January 15, 2015

New Members Selected for Scarsdale School Board Nominating Committee

The following candidates were chosen to join the Scarsdale School Board Nominating Committee at the SBNC elections on Tuesday, January 13, 2015.

Edgewood: Moira Ann Crouch and Daniel Moretti

Fox Meadow: Liz Guggenheimer and Pam Rubin

Greenacres: Elyse Mall Klayman and Terri Simon

Heathcote: Qing (Claire) He, Sarah Persily and Jacqueline Irwin (2-year term)

Quaker Ridge: Jonathan Birenbaum and Lauren Rimland

There were 431 total votes cast in the election. Fox Meadow had the highest number of voters with 200 ballots cast, followed by Heathcote with 94 ballots cast, Greenacres with 51, Quaker Ridge with 47 and Edgewood with 39.  This compared favorably to last year’s 525 votes, a record number with five fully contested elections.

This year’s eleven new SBNC members will join nineteen others already on the committee serving staggered three-year terms. The committee will have its first meeting on Sunday, January 25th and by the end of March, it will nominate two candidates for the Scarsdale Board of Education to fill the seats currently held by Mary Beth Gose and Lewis Leone, Jr.  Ms. Gose and Mr. Leone are completing their second terms and neither is eligible for re-nomination.  The SBNC Board of Education candidates, along with any other candidates who may choose to run, will be up for public election at the same time as the School Budget vote in May 2015.


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