Admin Committee

Conducting the SBNC elections

The Administrative Committee, under the leadership of the Election Chair and Vice Chair is responsible for conducting the election of members to the SBNC. Each year, members of the Administrative Committee seek candidates, and invite the community to suggest candidates, for the SNBC to ensure that there is at least one candidates for each vacancy on the SBNC. The Administrative Committee prepares and mails a brochure containing the biographies of the candidates for the SBNC, along with any proposed changes to the Resolution, to every household in Scarsdale and posts the information online on this website. The Administrative Committee conducts the election of the candidates for the SBNC and notifies all candidates of the results.

The costs of the mailing of the candidate brochure and the administrative expenses of the Administrative Committee as well as the SBNC are financed solely by contributions from the community. The Administrative Committee is responsible for raising funds to cover such costs and to provide sufficient funds for the Administrative Committee in the succeeding year to begin its work.

Amendments to the SNBC resolution

The Administrative Committee, under the leadership of the Resolution Chair and Vice Chair, is also responsible for considering proposed amendments to the SBNC resolution. Any proposed changes to the Resolution are presented to the voters of the school district at the time of the SBNC elections. The proposed changes, however, must be made public at least 5 weeks prior to such elections and a public meeting must be held at least 3 weeks prior to the elections to give members of the community an opportunity to comment on the proposed changes.

Composition of the committee

The Administrative Committee is comprised of all voting members of the SBNC committee whose terms will end at the next SBNC election, or ended at the past SBNC election, with their term starting upon the the calling of the initial Administrative Committee meeting by the outgoing Election Chair. Their term will end 2 calendar years later upon the commencement of the first meeting of the incoming Administrative Committee. The Administrative committee is comprised additionally by 3 members appointed by the TVCC, 3 members appointed by SNAP, and 3 members appointed from the community at large by the Election Chair in consultation with the entire committee. The appointed members serve 2 year terms.

The one year terms of the Election Chair, Election Vice Chair, Resolution Chair, Resolution Vice Chair, and Treasurer shall end at the commencement of the first meeting of each incoming Administrative Committee.

Both the Election Chair and the Resolution Chair shall be impartial and not entitled to vote.

[For more details please consult the current resolution document]



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