Current Admin Committee Members

The following is a listing of the 2016-17 Administrative Committee members:

Alison Singer – Chair of 2016-17 Administrative Committee (non-voting)

TBD – Vice Chair of 2016-17 Administrative Committee (non-voting)

Administrative Committee terms expiring no later than January 31, 2017:

Karen Brew (E)

Geralyn Della Cava (FM)

Sylvia Dundon (QR)

Wendy Gendel (H)

Heather Gilchriest (Meili) (G)

Jacqueline Goldstein (QR)

Jacqueline Irwin (H)

Laurie Medvinsky (E)

Kamal Mehta (FM)

Harriet Sobol (G)

SNAP representative – Janice Starr

TVCC representative – Jeffrey Osterman

Member at Large – Erin Foster


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