Joint Committee

Each year, following the selection by the SBNC of candidates for the School Board, the Joint Committee meets to review the nominating procedure and to consider any proposed amendments to the Resolution. Any proposed changes to the Resolution are presented to the voters of the school district at the time of the SBNC elections. The proposed changes, however, must be made public at least 5 weeks prior to such elections and a public meeting must be held at least 3 weeks prior to the elections to give members of the community an opportunity to comment on the proposed changes.

The Joint Committee is comprised of all members of the outgoing Administrative Committee, including the appointed members and the outgoing Administrative chair and Administrative Committee vice chair, the members of the SBNC whose terms are expiring in the next SBNC election, and the outgoing SBNC chair and SBNC vice chair.  The outgoing Administrative Committee chair and vice chair serve as the Joint Committee chair and vice chair, respectively.  The chair of the Joint Committee is a non-voting member, except in the event of a tie.