Nominating Committee

Members of 2022

  • Seema Jaggi – SBNC Chair
  • Amy Schiff – SBNC Vice Chair

Terms End January 2024

  • (To be elected in January 2022)

Terms End January 2023

  • Edgewood – Cecilia Anon-Kowalski, Prem Itharat
  • Fox Meadow – Swapna Kanekar, Jonathan Lemle
  • Greenacres – Deborah Jeanne Skolnik, Cindy S. Yau
  • Heathcote – Curtis Parker, “Claire” Yin Yang
  • Quaker Ridge – Susi D’ambra Coplan, Purnima Srivastava

Terms End January 2024

  • Edgewood – Alan Meizlik, Valerie Phillips
  • Fox Meadow – Zachary Altschuler, Lauren Kitain
  • Greenacres – David Fenigstein, Jennifer Teigman
  • Heathcote – Lauren Hammer Breslow, Jennifer Goldfarb
  • Quaker Ridge – Stephanie Israel, Stacey Strauss and Mauri Zemachson

Non-voting members with 3-year terms

The School Board Nomination Process

The SBNC nomination process involves several stages. The committee will

  1. hear current Board of Education (BoE) members’ views on the role, structure, anticipated challenges and opportunities for the next three years
  2. seek potential BoE candidates
  3. conduct due diligence pursuant to the Rules of Procedure
  4. discuss the qualifications of all proposed candidates fully and candidly
  5. take a vote by secret ballot pursuant to the Voting Procedure
  6. ensure the nominees are on the BoE election ballot
  7. appoint SBNC Chair and Vice Chair for next year. The non-voting Chairs preside over the SBNC nominating meetings
  8. review its nomination procedures and the Resolution, and makes amendment recommendations, if any, to the Administrative Committee